So here we are, the first stop on our road to Flora Day, the Culdrose rehearsal, as always we were generously provided with a coach to and from the naval airbase and the band made it to the Ward Room where the usual nervous laughter could be heard around the room as those Naval Officers who will be taking part in this years Midday Dance prepared to be shown the ropes.

John Eddy gave the traditional speech about the history and origins of the dance, before introducing four Helston dancers to give a demonstration of the steps.

As the officers lined up to rehearse the dance with experienced Helston dancers intermingled, they all gave a valiant effort.

Once the officers had a grasp of the dance the Helston dancers withdrew and it was time for the navy to go it alone. After a couple of turns around the ballroom and a lap around the car park, we headed back inside for a pasty and a pint.

As we began our journey home our thoughts turned to the next event for the band, May Day, this coming Thursday where the streets will be packed with the Senior, Concert and Beginner members of the band. Being a school day, the morning procession will begin at 6.30am and the evening procession at 7pm.

Looking at the forecast it might be an idea to bring a mac!

Once again, we would like to thank Culdrose for their hospitality, check back during the day on Thursday for an account of the May Day morning procession.