Exactly twelve and a half hours later we were back outside the Guildhall setting off again, all having enjoyed a relaxing day at work.

I am still waiting for a final figure on the number of players, but around a 70 strong band formed, from the tiniest Beginners to the slightly bigger Flora Day veterans.

There was a long line of dancers this evening, all enjoying the opportunity to dance outside the watchful gaze of the stewards.

The weather has been a point of concern leading up to today, but aside from the two small showers this morning, we were very lucky, heres hoping for more of the same next week!

As is always the case, the town was in a great mood, with plenty of people lining the route in what has seemingly become theĀ  curtain raiser for the festive week. The only people that were perhaps not in a great mood were the people who were diverted down St Johns Road only to get to the other end and realise that road was closed off. The scene did resemble something similar to that of an Indian city, with cars strewn all over the road and bandsmen and dancers darting in and out of the gridlocked traffic. A few tuk-tuks and the scene would have been complete.

So, with May Day done, and knowing that in just 7 days it will all be over for another year, we have a few days to wait until Tuesday, where it is the turn of the Morning and Evening dancers to have a rehearsal (not that they normally need it)

We will be at the Epworth Hall with them so check back on Wednesday for an update (and keep your fingers crossed over the weekend that the weather forecast stays as good as it is at the moment!)

Quote of the day I dont know what all the fuss is about Flora Day, its a bit boring our new euphonium player Shaun, either thinking today was Flora Day or not realising how much different it will be next week.