So here we are, the eve of the biggest day in the towns calendar. Flora Day 2014 is less than 6 hours away and the sound of the big bass drum will ring out across the town in less than 13 hours.

The town has been transformed into its usual floral haven in preperation for the festivities tomorrow and although the streets are still open the atmosphere is in full swing, with one caveat.....the weather. Forecasts have not looked as promising as they initially indicated last week, but come rain or shine (or both) HTB will be there.

Tonight the band returns to the Epworth Hall in its final stop on the road to Flora Day to help rehearse those dancers who will be taking part in the Midday Dance. The midday rehearsal is always a little longer than that of last night as the dance is far bigger, but is always an enjoyable and atmospheric evening.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the band over the last 12 months for the hard work and time they have put in. The band is a self funding group that receives no outside sponsorship and relies on the support of its members and generosity of the public, so if you do see one of our collectors tomorrow please donate if you can.

Finally we would like to wish you all a very enjoyable Flora Day 2014, regardless of what the weather brings. We will be providing regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the day.

See you all tomorrow!